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Solar Photovoltaic ( PV )

Photovoltaic power generation is the use of photovoltaic semiconductor interface and the effect of light energy directly into electrical energy of a technology. The key components of this technology is the solar cell. After a series of solar cells can be formed after the package protected a large area of solar components, coupled with the power controller and other components to form the photovoltaic device. PV has the advantage of fewer geographical constraints, because the sun shine on the earth; PV system is also safe, reliable, no noise, pollution, fuel consumption and the need to set up transmission lines and construction of local power supply short period advantages.


PV photovoltaic effect is based on the principle, the use of solar cells to solar energy directly into electricity. Whether used independently or for power generation, photovoltaic power generation system consists of solar panels (components), the controller and inverter has three major components, which are mainly constituted by the electronic components do not involve mechanical components, so the light V power generation equipment is extremely refined, reliable and long life, easy installation and maintenance. In theory, the photovoltaic power generation technology can be used wherever the power of the occasion, from the spacecraft down to the household power supply, large megawatt power plants, small toy, solar power everywhere. The most basic component of solar photovoltaic solar cell (film), a monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, amorphous silicon and thin film batteries. Currently, the single crystal and polycrystalline cells the largest amount of amorphous systems and small battery for auxiliary power supply calculator.

Efficiency of crystalline silicon cells made from 10 to about 13%, the efficiency of similar products abroad about 12 to 14%. By one or more solar cells composed of solar panels called photovoltaic modules. At present, the photovoltaic power generation products are mainly used for three main aspects: first, to provide power for the occasion without electricity, primarily for the majority of residents living without electricity production of electricity, as well as microwave relay power supply, communication power supply, etc. In addition, also includes Mobile power and backup power; second solar household electronic products, such as various types of solar chargers, solar lights and solar lawn, etc.; third, and power generation, which in developed countries have large scale implementation. Our grid has not yet started, however, part of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will be powered by solar power and wind power to provide.

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