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Principles of Solar Systems – Solar Schematic

by solarwaterheaters on December 22nd, 2010

Almost everyone knows that solar energy is inexhaustible energy, but not everyone knows that solar principle, do not know how to use and conversion of solar energy, energy saving and emission reduction today, solar energy has been very prominent role Almost every country in the active development of solar energy, the following is an analysis on the principles of solar energy systems and see how solar energy is converted into energy we use.

What is solar energy

Solar radiation is the energy of sunlight. Passive use of solar energy are used (solar thermal), and photoelectric conversion in two ways. A new solar power and renewable energy use. In a broad sense a lot of energy on earth solar energy refers to the source, such as wind energy, chemical energy, water, potential energy and so on.

Principles of solar system

Solar principle is very complex and usually can be used to achieve the semiconductor photoelectric conversion, and now more and more high conversion efficiency. Solar principle can be divided into two types:

Principles of Solar System

Principles of Solar System

Solar Thermal

Modern technology solar thermal polymerization of the sun and use its energy to produce hot water, steam and electricity. In addition to the application of appropriate technology to collect solar energy, the building can also use the sun’s light and heat energy is added in the design of appropriate equipment, such as the giant south-facing windows or can absorb and slowly release the sun heat the building materials .


Is a component of photovoltaic cells exposed to sunlight will produce direct current electricity generating equipment, by almost all of the semiconductor material (eg silicon) made of a thin solid body composed of photovoltaic cells. In the absence of moving parts, it can be a long time without causing any loss of operation. Simple photovoltaic cells for watches and calculators provide energy, photovoltaic systems can be more complex for housing lighting, and power grid, photovoltaic panels can be made into different shapes of components, and components can be connected to produce More power.


With the progress of science and technology, solar energy principle will be widely used in various industries, at present, the development of solar domestic hot water mainly in the field, solar water heating technology is now very mature, a lot of conditions families are installing solar energy, in particular, In resource-poor rural areas, solar energy a good solution to the household energy problems, by the strong promotion of state and government, comfortable 100 response to the call, and the solar top brands, the latest solar energy technology and products to the Ordinary people home.

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